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March 04, 2015

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ETB for CLT.DCA.PHL/PBS Deadline for PHX/PHX Int'l Report Times
Shortly after the Electronic Trade Board (ETB) went live Thursday morning, a problem with the data transfer from CATS to the Crew Portal was preventing some March trip trades in ETB. The decision was made to suspend ETB trades until the problem was fixed. No trades were processed today. Existing postings will remain in the system. Read More...
Flight Attendant Positions
CLT, DCA, and PHL-Based Flight Attendants: With the implementation of PBS, coding changes were made in the CATS system that affect CLS status on pairings. Currently, all Secondary Lineholders for the month of February are reflecting as PRI(Primary Status) on the trips they hold. HP programming is looking into this issue for resolution. Read More...
Winter Storm Octavia/April VLOA Openings /LODO Openings by Base
Winter Storm Octavia US Airways has issued a travel advisory due to the adverse conditions of Winter Storm Octavia. The Winter Storm is bringing heavy snowfall to many cities from the Plains through the Ohio Valley and parts of the East Coast. It will also threaten some areas with significant amounts of sleet and freezing rain. Read More...
April 2015 Domicile Transfer Award/April 2015 Vacation Monthly Rebid/VEX Days/Phase 4 Merger WBT
.
March Bidding Timelines/March Bid Files & Pairings/LUS Position Selection
PBS Bidding Timelines **MARCH 2015 ONLY** LUS Position Selection Clarification There is some confusion among LUS Flight Attendants that the long-standing contractual language regarding Position Selection is going to change with the implementation of the Preferential Bid System (PBS). This is not true. Read More...
Domicile Transfer Openings/March CQT/VEX Days/ISAP
Domicile Transfer Openings Bid for March CQT using the Training Bid System Training Bid System Handbook   Training Bid System Simple Guide Bids Close at 0900 PHX on Sunday, Feb. Read More...
US Airways Flight 1825 Lands Without Nose Gear
Yesterday evening, US Airways Flight 1825 en route from PHL to IAH was involved in an incident. Fortunately, the flight made a safe landing at Houston's Intercontinental Airport after the nose gear failed to deploy. 52 passengers and 4 crew members were onboard the Embraer E-190 Aircraft. The PHL-based crew evacuated the passengers onto the tarmac using the aircraft slides. Read More...
Contract Enforcement Committee - Maintenance Agreement
Contract Enforcement Committee - Maintenance Agreement Your legacy US Airways leadership sent a letter to APFA President Laura Glading requesting an extension of the Maintenance Agreement negotiated as part of the Agreement on Bargaining and Representation, through May 31, 2015. APFA President Laura Glading rejected the request for an extension. Read More...
Winter Storm Juno/Implementation for PBS Approaching/Global Entry
Blizzard Warning for the Northeast U.S. The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings from the New Jersey coast to the Canadian border – including New York, Boston, and Hartford. The storm is expected to peak from late Monday night through Tuesday night. Read More...
Domicile Transfer Openings/LODO Openings by Base/VLOA Openings/LUS Transition Payment
Domicile Transfers Openings There will be no domicile transfers for the March bid month. --------------------------------------- LOD/O Openings by Base The following Flight Attendant LOD/O bids are effective March 2, 2015 (March bid month). Flight Attendants must be language-qualified at the time of this bid closing. Read More...
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Phone: (480) 693-8232
(voicemail and live response system)

PBS Training Specialists are available seven (7) days a week in:

CLT: 0800 - 2000 (C Crew Room) 
CLT: 0800 - 1030 & 1400 - 2000 (D Crew Room) 
DCA: 0800 - 2100 
PHL: 0600 - 2100 (B & A Crew Rooms)  
PHX: 0600 - 2000 (Crew Room) 

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